Aircraft-Helicopter Structural Overhaul and Engine Repair/Overhaul, Supply & Repair MRB, Rotor Hub, R/D components & Supply Aircraft-Helicopter Spares & equipment : Specially Bell series Helicopter, MI series Helicopter "MI-17, MI-171, MI-171SH", MiG-29ac, AN-32ac, F-7, A-5IIIAac, FT-6ac, C-130, L-39ac etc., We also deal Ground support equipment, Mover, Firefighting vehicles, Aircraft Refueled, Air charging Truck, Radar, ATE, Simulator, Workshop equipment, Aero Lubricants etc.


All Armament items, Signal & Security items; also deal with ground items; like Army Special Vehicles, Mine clearing devices, Binocular, Command post vehicles, Mine Detector, EOD & IEDD, ISR, NBC equipments, Warfare simulator including all other defense items.


Patrol Craft, High Speed Boat, Navigation items- Marine Generator, Boat (RIB & Inflatable), Compressors (HP & LP), Diving equipments, Breathing apparatus, Navigation Radar, Various Rope, De-Compression Chamber, Oxygen Chamber, Marine Binocular, Pumps (Submersible & Water pump), AC Plant, Power Trolley, Naval Workshop equipments, Gyro compass, Thermal Imaging Camera, Dummy load etc.

Other Government & Non Government Organization:

Container (Freezer & Reefer), Generator, Asphalt plant, Water Treatment Plants, Boiler, Dairy Firm, workshop equipment & Tools, Electrical Tools, Hand Tools, Different Type of Machinery, Construction Vehicles, Dump truck, Fire Truck, Water Trailer / Bowser, Fuel trailer / Bowser, Forklift, Excavator, Wheel loader, Crane, truck Mounted Crane, Wrecker, Recovery Vehicles/ Towing Truck, Construction Machinery, Oil & Lubricants, LPG etc.